Sonntag, 28. Oktober 2012

Do you like to hurt my feelings ?

It was ten o'clock in the evening,
At the window of my room, I was looking.
You were with your luggage, leaving.
As it started snowing,
I saw your shadow disappearing.

The coldness of winter was killing.
The glimpse of hope I was saving. 
the thought that you would be staying,
It was gone as my tears began falling.
What happened to our love everlasting ?

I embraced myself thinking.
Should I still continue waiting ?
Or should I start forgetting ?
Isn't it enough to give you everything ?
Why did you leave me here weeping?

Freitag, 26. Oktober 2012

Does the sky look like the same where ever i go ?

Guys! I have Sem Break. YEAH :p After my fucking exam days i just like to enoy sleeping the whole day. and when you read ths now, i will be at my grandma's house, where i don't have internet. so i wrote this text in the past. Today i only want to show you a few pictures about my actually life. If you have special question about my stay in another country. Just ask.

In my first few days here i reall thought, that the sky looks different. Not so beautiful than in Germany. Everytime when i looked at the sky i began missing my home country more than before.
But now when i am looking at the sky i start to smile. Just a simple smile.

My Field Trip ! :)

Mittwoch, 24. Oktober 2012

Feelings are there, even we don't like them.

Dear Rain,
I'm glad you came. It seems like a long time you haven't been here... too long, I already missed you. How was your stay in heaven? :]:*
You're making my sad mood more sad. But i like it. Now i like to be sad. I don't know why. the only thing i know is i want to cry. But i can't. I have to be strong. Strong like a boy. Strong like a lion. RAAAWWWRR  c:
Can you see my smiling face? IT IS A FAKE ! :(
I feel so lonely, I feel so bad. Am i sick? Yes, my dear, i am homesick. I miss my life. My old life. My country. My family and especially my friends. Now i know how hard missing can be.
It is nice here. Yeah, it is very nice. But it is not the same. It is very different and sometimes i just miss my old life .__.
1,2,3,4.. Le'ts count the days ... 5,6,7,8.. till i will go home ... 9,10, where i can be myself.
I don't know myself anymore. It changed. When i look in the mirror i cann see a girl. Brown hair, brown eyes and red chicks. Am i this person? Could mirrors lie? My face looks strange, my feelings are different also my attitude changed. HOW?? How could this be? :< Would it be forever? I hope not. Am i a new person? I am dizzy ...
Rain, rain, rain don't go , please. Only you can hide my tears. Stay. Stay for me. I like you <3
Sometimes i want to be smomewhere, somewhere over the rainbow. Where i can find myself. Atop over all the people :> Watching other lifes and feel the happiness.
Maybe i can find someone special. here My heart is missing a loveone. but i have to patient, coz i know there  is someone special for me. Somewhere. And someday he will find me or i will find him. Sharing love is not that easy. hihihih :x
yummy, yummy, chocolate in my tumm. Maaahmpf. :]
Goodbye, rain. It was nice to see you again. But the time is coming when you need to go. I will miss yu when i will be in a sad mood. Luckily mood changes easily.

                                                                           xoxo, Jasmin

P.S: Nein ich bin nicht gestorben, ich hatte nur in der letzten Zeit kaum Zeit zu schreiben und mir haben einfach die Ideen gefällt. Aber als ich heute das Tage Buch von meiner Freundin aus L.A gelesen habe, hab ich schon echt gemerkt, wie ser ich das bloggen vermisse. Ich hoffe ich werde in der nächsten Zeit wieder öfters Schreiben können. Ich kann aber nichts versprechen :(  Danke an die süßen Kommentare im letzten Post. Und ich freue mich, dass ich kaum Leser verloren hab. Ich hoffe jetzt infach mal auf ein gutes COMEBACK! :D hahaha.. Achso, nochmals danke dass ihr meinen überflüssigen Blog liest. Schmeichelt mir sehr. Ich liebe euch, Jasmin! :**